How to catch Northern Pike

Northern Pike are one of the most aggressive fish in freshwater.  They attack based on movement or smell, and remain active all year round.  They are known for their toothy grin, slimy skin, and voracious appetite.  

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Pike are easy to catch, abundant, and make great table fare.

Locating and Luring Pike

Depending on the time of year, Pike can be exceptionally easy to catch.  

In the spring, focus on the first areas to warm up.  This is often small bays, north sides of lakes, and shallow areas.  Pike can be up in the shallows warming up and feeding on baitfish.  Inlet and outlet mouths are also great areas to scour in the early spring.  A large spinnerbait or a float with a large sucker suspended 18" off of bottom should suffice.

In the summer, Pike can be found on the wedge of weedlines and at the edge of current breaks.  Try Rapalas, Shad Raps, and live suckers with a float to tempt the toothy critters.  

In the fall, pike are roaming and feeding their bellies before the ice comes.  They are a cool water fish, so when picking baits do not go too big.  Focus in on lake structures between weedlines and underwater rocks and stumps.

Winter pike are easy to catch.  Find weeds, find a channel, find a bay.  You can use dead bait, such as a large cisco or herring, or even a hot dog.  Large pike are often caught while fishing for walleye and crappies.  Find the baitfish, and you will find the predators.