Best Fishing Nets: A Buyer’s and User’s Guide

Despite the fact that the success of catching a fish with a fishing net is considerably higher, many fishers still do not opt to use fishing nets when they catch fish. So, if you still have not decided on buying the best fishing net, you must consider the other advantages of using one. One is that a net allows the angler to get the catch into the boat quickly. Second, it will protect the angler’s hands from the extremely sharp hooks of a fishing rod.

Using a fishing net is also beneficial if you are planning on catching a specific fish, like a trout, which is almost impossible to catch with a fishing rod. In addition, if you plan on releasing the fish after catching it, a net is far better as it will not bruise the fish as well as damage any parts. Likewise, the “fight” between you and the fish will be shorter, and the chances of the fish ending up back in the water are also higher. In fact, most modern nets are created in such a manner that they take into consideration the overall well being of the fish.

Fishing Nets: The Basics

Before you purchase a fishing net, there are several things that you need to understand, and we have briefly discussed them below.

Common Types

When you look at fishing nets, you might think that they only differ in sizes and colors. There are actually different types of fishing nets, but we have listed the three types that will most likely be able to catch a large amount of fish.

  • Hand Nets

Hand nets are quite similar to the kind of nets that you usually see young children play with at the beach when they are trying to find seashells or crabs. This kind of net has an opening that has a large ring. A few of these nets also have handles that are attached to provide you with better leverage for scooping the fish out of the water as quickly as you can.

  • Lave Nets

Lave nets are quite a rare type of fishing net and are significantly bigger in size. This has to be kept in the water until you feel that something has entered inside the mesh. Thereafter, it can be slowly lifted out.

  • Cast Nets

The cast is extremely wide and has a circular shape. A tiny weight is attached to each of its ends or the edges so that it will not sink into the sea. Once the fishes are caught, the fisher can haul the net back in.

Choosing the Right Type

To know which type of fishing net to buy, you first need to ask yourself what exactly you are fishing for and also what kind of boat you will use.

  • The Type of Boat

If you will fish using a kayak, you must opt for short nets. On the other hand, if you will use a pontoon, go for something that is longer and bigger. Similarly, a heavier rubber net won’t work well in a bass boat in comparison to a small fishing kayak.

  • The Kind of Fish

The type of fish that you are determined to catch will also determine what net will perfectly suit for that moment. For instance, trout is far more sensitive than something like bass or catfish. So, you must opt for nets that typically have a smooth webbing. Since bass and catfish are tough fishes, you should buy and use rubber mesh nets or a rubber coated net.

  • Other Tips

The color of the net does not really play a significant role in catching the fish. Preferably, though, opt for black colored fishing nets since the fish will not be able to see them. On another note, always choose nets that have a long or an extendable handle. Likewise, you must also make sure that the handle is light and made out of aluminum.

Catching a Fish

Having the right fishing net will not be enough to have a good catch. You should also take note of the following:

  • Preparation

Before you head to catch a fish, always check your gear and make sure they are sturdy and durable. Similarly, inspect if the holes on the net are small enough to prevent the escape of the fishes while the net is still in the water.

  • Choosing the Right Spot

Ideally, it is best to go fishing in areas that have abundant grass growing around the body of water. However, when you use nets, you will need the area to be as clear as possible, and even shallow too. A general rule that you should always remember is that the water should not be deeper than the entire radius of the net.

  • Casting the Net

If you are using a cast net, it has a handline that can be used to easily cast the net into the water as well as haul it back to the boat. Nonetheless, there are multiple methods you can opt for when you are casting the net in the water. Try each one of them to see which one works well in your case.

  1. The first way is to drape the net all over one arm and then throw it across the water like a frisbee while still holding the headline in the other hand.
  2. The other method is to hold the net in both your hands and at the same time, grasp a part of the headline. Such will give you better control over the net as you cast it. This method is very similar to a hammer throw.

When you pull the net back into the boat or at the shore, its edges will close like a clamp. As such, it will trap the fishes and prevent them from jumping back into the water.

Now that you already have a better understanding of fishnets as well as the techniques of catching fishes successfully, let us review three fishing nets that you can opt to buy.

Best Fishing Net: Our Top Three Contenders

In this section of the article, we have discussed the features and listed the pros and cons of each of the fishing net.

Plusinno Fishing Net

Plusinno is a well-known brand that is known for offering high-quality products. This fishing net is considered to be one of the most popular choices amongst experienced fishers and even beginners. That is because it is created with the wellbeing of the fish kept in mind.

515mvF3wiYL - Best Fishing Nets: A Buyer's and User's Guide

PLUSINNO Fishing Net Fish Landing Net, Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Pole Handle, Durable Nylon Material Mesh, Safe Fish Catching or Releasing (12"/31cm Hoop Size (Fixed Pole))
  • 🎣 Warm Prompt: Four models are offered, please choose the exact size model you need in the "select" section. A. 12"/31 cm Hoop Size fixed non-telescopic pole; B. 16"/40 cm Hoop Size 2 section telescopic pole C. 17"/43 cm 3 section Hoop Size telescopic pole, D. 20"/52 cm Hoop Size 3 section telescopic pole.
  • 🎣 Premium Material: High-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass pole, durable nylon and strong hexagonal structure mesh, skid-resistant EVA handhold makes the fishing net solid and durable.
  • 🎣 Waterproof Nylon Mesh: Non-absorbent coating prevents the net from waterlogging or odor absorption.
  • 🎣 Foldable Fishing Nets and Ultralight Weight: Easy to carry and storage. The special designed belt clip has the advantage of convenience in carrying and transportation.
  • 🎣 It's the best gift to send father, son, husband, fiancé, boyfriend for the upcoming Christmas. Ideal Setup for Fish Catching and Releasing: Knotless nylon mesh prevents fishhooks from getting tangled. The net is excellently fish friendly which will not be harmful to fish scales, suitable for sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing etc.


Whether you are a fan of a fixed pole or a telescopic pole, with the Plusinno Fishing Net, you no longer need to settle for anything less. This brand gives you two different options for fishing nets. You can either opt for the 12-inch hoop size with a length of 27.5 inches, depth of 7.5 inches and weight of 10.5 ounces. This model comes with a fixed pole.

If that is not suited for your needs, then you can go for the 16-inch hoop size fishing net that comes with a telescopic pole. It has a length of 38 inches, depth of 16 inches, and a weight of just 14 ounces. Nevertheless, both of these fishing nets are available in the color black. Likewise, they are both made out of high-density carbon fiber along with fiberglass, which will allow you to catch even the strongest fish.

The mesh has a nonabsorbent coating that will prevent any bacteria or odor from building up as well as the occurrence of waterlogging. The collapsible poles that are made out of aluminum and an EVA handle are quite light in weight and have a belt clip. In addition, there is a safe fish catching or releasing option that will ensure that no harm will be done to the fishes.


  • Perfect length, depth, and weight
  • Fishes are protected
  • Made out of premium quality materials
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to store, maintain, handle, and carry around


  • Some of the seams might come off after several uses

Wakeman Landing Fishing Net

If you are in need of multiple options from just one brand, then the Wakeman Landing Fishing Net is exactly what you are looking for. The company designed this in five different ways to give you more options to choose from.

512w6JvNReL - Best Fishing Nets: A Buyer's and User's Guide

Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing Net - 35 Inch Handle
  • High Quality Thermal Plastic-Rubber Net with Retractable Aluminum Handle
  • Ideal for Catch and Release, Reduces or Eliminates Tangles
  • Wide Net Opening with Flat Bottom Basket Accepts Fish of all Sizes
  • Dimensions: 56 inches (Full Length, Handle Fully Extended) Handle Length 35 inches
  • Net Opening 20 inch (L) x 19 inch (W) Net Depth 17 inches


This product includes the Classic Landing model. It has a length of 56 inches and is equipped with a 35-inch telescopic handle that can be folded and extended. The next model is the Collapsible and Foldable, which has a net that is 18 inches deep as well as a handle that has an extendable length of up to 94 inches. The third kind is the reusable Magnetic Clip net. It is a ten inches-deep net that is integrated with a handle that can be extended up to 14 inches.

For a more straightforward kind, the manufacturer developed the Steel Headframe model, which is 10 inches deep and has a fixed pole that has a measurement of 16 inches. Lastly, the Wooden Handle Angler has a depth of 14 inches and length of 28 inches. Although each of them has some subtle differences in their built and appearance, the one thing that stays in common amongst all of them is that they are all made using sturdy materials.

For instance, the classic landing net is made out of thermal plastic rubber, and the retractable handle is made out of aluminum. Also, other than the wooden handle angler, all of the nets are available in black color. The wooden handle angler net is made out of a transparent rubber mesh. In addition, each of these fishing nets has handles that are equipped with an EVA grip. Their frames also sit comfortably in your hands. Further, these nets are free from any kind of tangle, and they are all corrosion resistant.


  • Comes in different types
  • Great grip
  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to use, store, and handle


  • The nets look slightly larger in the picture than in real life

MadBite Fishing Net

The MadBite Fishing Net is a simple and classic product which is great for most kinds of fishing activities.

51MRg1boChL - Best Fishing Nets: A Buyer's and User's Guide


This net is available in three different sizes. You can either choose between a 16-inch, 20-inch, and a 24-inch hoop size. However, the 16-inch hoop size is only available with a fixed handle. With that said, the two telescopic variants has a handle that can be retracted to as small as 21 inches. Likewise, they have a button that allows you to quickly hold it and make it into a perfect size to travel with.

Nonetheless, the handle on each of the of the poles are made out of a high-grade octagon shape aluminum, and their ends are made out of a nonabsorbent PVC material.  The best aspect of these fishing nets is that they are quite compact in size but are extremely durable and will always be free from all tangles. The mesh is very fine and can comfortably capture even the smallest fish and not allow it to escape.

Best of all, this is safe for fish as it protects its scales. There is also a safe quick-release button that allows the fish to be released back into the water without hassles. In addition, the net will not get heavy even in the presence of water as it has a coating that makes it completely nonabsorbent. Lastly, these fishing nets are made out of a corrosion-free material.


  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Can be used in salty and fresh bodies of water
  • Can catch different sizes of fish
  • Does not bend or get dented
  • Protects the fishes
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • May not be an ideal fish net to catch bass


We hope that this brief guide gave you the right knowledge in choosing a brilliant fishing net, as well as how to use one correctly. A fishnet will most likely give you a higher chance when it comes to catching fish, and we suggest you do give this a try at least once.

With that in regard, the products we have reviewed are possibly some of the best fishing nets on the market today. Between the three of them, we absolutely love the MadBite Fishing Net for its simplicity, non-absorbency, and versatility. We are certain that you too will love this fantastic fishing net.